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Welcome to TRAX
Founded in 1996, TRAX Insurance, Ltd. has grown from two member companies to thirty-nine member companies. These two founding members had the vision to launch a business model that relied on risk control as the foundation to establish business insurance as a profit center rather than merely an overhead expense. Over the years, TRAX has always based growth on the quality of the prospective members rather than growth for its own sake. The participation of the member businesses further strengthens TRAX as a reinsurance company.

TRAX continues to be successful for three reasons:

-SUPERIOR BUSINESS MODEL - Over the years the TRAX captive insurance business model has consistently minimized risk for its members and has provided flexibility as member businesses evolve. At TRAX, we believe that risk control is the lifeblood of our business.

-SUPPORT FROM QUALITY BUSINESS PARTNERS - The strength of these companies was never more impressive than during the aftermath of September 11, 2001 and the recent turmoil of the financial market.

-MEMBER PARTICIPATION - Membership in TRAX requires active participation by continually managing risk in the members' own businesses and in running the business of TRAX. The leadership and ideas generated by TRAX's members move the Company forward each and every year.

During the 2010 fiscal year total assets of the company increased from $36,282,000 to $39,207,000. This change was due to increases in the market value of TRAX's investments, as well as profitable underwriting results. Assets were also impacted by a cash dividend of $3,482,000 that was distributed to the TRAX members during this fiscal period.

Premium for the 2010 underwriting period totaled $14,364,000 for the $1,000,000 coverage layer. Most importantly, cumulative dividends to the members have exceeded $11,486,000 over the most recent three fiscal years.
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